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Welcome to KOISKLOSET, your online destination for fashion forward, high quality attainable women’s clothing store.

I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a family that has a unique love and appreciation for what they wear. My father loved dressing in statement-making ensembles, whilst my mother created everything from the clothes I wore as a child to household staples -- all the while with me watching. And SHE was my inspiration. 

Today, as a registered nurse who’s been afforded to know strong and beautiful women alike, I’m inspired by the fearlessness they express each day through the different styles they wear. But I’m also a firm believer that fashion-forward pieces should NOT break the bank… which is how Kois Kloset began to take shape.

/Kōiskloset/ : [noun] A princess with the strength of a warrior.

Founded in 2019, Kois Kloset provides a curated selection that speaks to your individuality. Each item complements a range of aesthetics, from boho chic and elegant evening gowns to edgy vibes and everything in between. I want you to discover the foundation and finishing touches to every outfit thanks to Kois Kloset bringing you the best of the fitted, the flowy and the bold.

Kois Kloset aims to make trendy, high-end inspired clothing and accessories affordable for women and young girls. Inspired by colors, shapes and textures, Kois Kloset has created its own fashion revolution: one that embraces women’s strength and love of self. So go ahead and lose yourself in my carefully-curated collection.